sick1 sik adjective sick comparative adjective sicker superlative…



adjective: sick
comparative adjective: sicker
superlative adjective: sickest

  1. affected by physical or mental illness.
    • relating to those who are ill.
    • (of an organization, system, or society) suffering from serious problems, especially of a financial nature.
  2. feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit.
    • (of an emotion) so intense as to cause one to feel unwell or nauseous.
    • informal
      disappointed, mortified, or miserable.
    • archaic
      pining or longing for someone or something.
  3. intensely annoyed with or bored by (someone or something) as a result of having had too much of them.
  4. informal
    (especially of humor) having something unpleasant such as death, illness, or misfortune as its subject and dealing with it in an offensive way.
    • (of a person) having abnormal or unnatural tendencies; perverted.
  5. informal
  6. noun informal•British
    noun: sick
    verb informal•British
    verb: sick
    3rd person present: sicks
    past tense: sicked
    past participle: sicked
    gerund or present participle: sicking

    bring something up by vomiting.

Origin of sick


variant of sic2.



verb: sick
set a dog or other animal on (someone).

  • informal
    set someone to pursue, keep watch on, or accompany (another).

Origin of sick

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