I applied for a position and got an…

I applied for a position and got an interview. I hope I get an offer for the position! 🤞 Sounded like a very challenging position. But before I get exited, they stated that they have more candidates to interview. The last position I had an interview, they stated the same, I received an email stating they hired a more “experienced” candidate and who they thought would be a better fit for their team. 😢 But at least I got the experience of the interview and what I needed to work on for my skills. There were several questions that I could not answer with confidence. I do not fluff my answers. I am not the “fake it until you make it” type of person. I would rather get hired based on my honesty, than be hired based on falsehood. What you see is want you get. 😉 If I do not get hired, then I believe the decision is best for them and myself.

I once worked at a medical facility and the supervisor had a picture with a quote on the wall, “For everything there is a time and a season.” I believe in that there is a reason for everything. ☺️

As Steve Jobs said, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” There has been multiple times that I have looked back and was glad that things that I hope to have turned out did not, and I would have been in a place of hurt if things did turned out the way I hoped for them to turn out.

I will update this post when I hear the results. 😉

February 28, 2023
I had a second interview. Seems to have gone well. I will know the results by Friday. 😬 🤞

March 20, 2023
I was offered the position and I accept!