lib·er·ate ˈlibəˌrāt verb liberate 3rd person present liberates…



verb: liberate
3rd person present: liberates
past tense: liberated
past participle: liberated
gerund or present participle: liberating

set (someone) free from a situation, especially imprisonment or slavery, in which their liberty is severely restricted.

  • free (a country, city, or people) from enemy occupation.
  • release (someone) from a state or situation that limits freedom of thought or behavior.
  • free (someone) from rigid social conventions, especially those concerned with accepted sexual roles.
  • informal
    steal (something).
  • Chemistry•Physics
    release (gas, energy, etc.) as a result of chemical reaction or physical decomposition.

Origin of liberate
late 16th century: from Latin liberat- ‘freed’, from the verb liberare, from liber ‘free’.

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