verb: prove
3rd person present: proves
past tense: proved
gerund or present participle: proving
past participle: proven

  1. demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument.
    • Law
      establish the genuineness and validity of (a will).
  2. demonstrate to be the specified thing by evidence or argument.
    • be seen or found to be.
    • demonstrate one’s abilities or courage.
    • rare
      test the accuracy of (a mathematical calculation).
  3. (of bread dough) become aerated by the action of yeast; rise.
  4. subject (a gun or other item) to a testing process.
  5. (in homeopathy) demonstrate the action of (a remedy) by seeing what effect it produces in a healthy individual.


Origin of prove

Middle English: from Old French prover, from Latin probare ‘test, approve, demonstrate’, from probus ‘good’.

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