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Exam Specifications

Due to time constraints, I am studying Python and JS together, since I am almost done with Python Essentials.
Started JavaScript
Channel: Edube Interactive
Sponsor: OpenEDG JS Institute
Mode: Online self-study course
Level: Beginner
Cost: Free
Study Time: 40 hours
Language: English/Spanish
Associated Certification: JSE – Certified JavaScript Entry-Level Programmer (Exam JSE-40-0x)

Exam Information Description
Exam Name JSA – Certified Associate JavaScript Programmer
Exam Short Form JSA
Exam Code/Current Exam Version JSA-41-0x/JSA-41-01
Exam Level Associate
Associated Certifications JSE – Certified Entry-Level JavaScript Programmer (JSE-40-0x), JSPa – Certified Professional JavaScript Programmer: Front-End Web Development (JSPa-42A-0x), and JSPb – Certified Professional JavaScript Programmer: Back-End Web Development (JSPb-42B-0x)
Pre-requisites Formal: None

Recommended: JSE – Certified Entry-Level JavaScript Programmer (JSE-40-0x)
Duration 65 minutes – Tutorial/NDA: 5 minutes, Exam: 60 minutes
Number of Exam Items 40
Format Single-selection and multiple-selection items
Passing Score 70%
Language English
Courses Aligned JavaScript Essentials 2:
Price $295

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Delivery Channel OnVUE Online Proctoring (online, proctored), Pearson VUE Testing Centers (on-site, proctored)
Testing Policies JSA Exam Policy
Exam Syllabus JSA Exam Syllabus

There are six modules
Module 1: Introducing to JavaScript and Computer Programming
Module 2: Variables, Data Types, Type Casting, and Comments
Module 3: Operators and User Interaction
Module 4: Control Flow – Conditional Execution and Loops
Module 5: Funtions
Module 6: Errrs, exceptions, debugging, and troubleshooting
Course Completion: Final Test

Updates will be provided as I complete each module.

JavaScript Essentials 1 (JSE1):
Module 1

About JavaScript (how to communicate with the computer, what is JS, advantages and limitations of JS, where is JS used today)
Setting up the programming environment (development tools, online development environment, local development environment)
First JS program – Hello, World! (a few words about HTML, how to run your JavaScript code, executing the code directly in the console)