I am using the Pomodoro…

I am using the Pomodoro technique to do my studying. I use the default of four twenty-five minutes studying time, with three five minutes break in between the twenty-five minutes, and on the last twenty-five minutes, I take a fifteen minutes break. This works for me. I have read that the twenty-five minutes are too short for some people and they have adjusted the time to be fifty-minutes, basically doubling the time with the same breaks as I previously stated. There is no set rule for the Pomodoro, as long as you get to complete what is set out to be completed, the Pomodoro technique, I believe, is a good technique to use to focus on things that one needs focusing on and to complete.

There are all kinds of Pomodoro apps, Websites, and plugins for the Web browser. I am not affilicated to the following site, but found the Pomodoro site useful: https://pomofocus.io/

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