Manuel’s log 1707749253

Productivity is not measured by how busy I am, or how quickly I work. Productivity is measured by what I have accomplished. The best way to do this, is to focus on one task for completion.

I cannot use the same one dollar on two items, and similarly, I cannot use the same second on two tasks. If I value my time, then concentrate on one task to use less time on that task. Once completed, move on to the second task. If I feel I need to do the other task before I do the current one I am working on, then maybe the other task requires priority and do that task first and then come back to the task that I am currently working on. I do not want to fool myself, that doing two tasks at the same time, that I am actually doing two tasks at the same time.

If I am going for a walk and want to skip rope, does not make sense to walk and skip rope at the same time. Each task has a purpose, and I will prioritize my tasks and do the one that has the highest priority. The simplest way that I can accomplish this, is to create three goals and prioritize those three goals, and then work with the highest priority first. Once completed, work on number two as the number one on the list and add another to be number three.

I have been doing things in my life haphazardly and believe I have to change the system that I have been using. After all, “If I keep doing what I have been doing, I will keep getting what I have been getting.”

Schedule the day like my life depended on the schedule.
Monday through Friday, I look at my calendar to see what meeting I have to attend. I realized, I do not have a life schedule. Why not schedule my life like I schedule work. As the saying goes, “What is not scheduled, will not get done.”