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  • Novice wrote on March 27, 2023 @ 22:55 Permalink
    Tags: #wordpress   

    I found this really nice plugin, but when activated the pagination on the main page disappears. I am looking at fixing the issue before implementing the plugin.


  • Novice wrote on March 21, 2023 @ 00:40 Permalink

    Ubuntu: SSH returns: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss

    Edit: ~/.ssh/config

    Host *

    My config:

    Host *


  • Novice wrote on March 16, 2023 @ 17:28 Permalink

    Ubuntu snap: Firefox
    snap refresh − −list
    Name Version Rev Size Publisher Notes
    firefox 111.0-2 2432 253MB mozilla✓ –

    sudo snap refresh
    firefox 111.0-2 from Mozilla✓ refreshed

    snap refresh − −list
    All snaps up to date.


  • Novice wrote on March 8, 2023 @ 21:15 Permalink

    DownloadHelper coApp 1.6.3 not installable on Ubuntu 22.04
    Github – el-calavera

    Use the following command to check permissions:
    flatpak permissions webextensions

    If the permission for net.downloadhelper.coapp is set to “no”, you can correct this by issuing the command I mentioned:
    flatpak permission-set webextensions net.downloadhelper.coapp snap.firefox yes


  • Novice wrote on March 3, 2023 @ 07:19 Permalink

    Weight Loss Tracker – March 2023

    Weight Tracker 2023
    Start date:
    April 01, 2022
    Target date:
    Dec. 31, 2023
    Current weight:
    170 LBS
    140 LBS
    March Weight

    64 oz water
    2 cups 8 oz coffee with 0.3 oz creamerblack stopped drinking coffee 01/01/2023
    3 hard boiled eggs 8 oz orange juice
    01 168 bread and water
    02 168 bread, beans, shrimp in flour
    03 168 seafood chimichanga, rice, beans, watered down Coca cola with ice (Mexican restaurant).
    04 168 6 pieces of chicken (buffalo)
    05 168 noodles with 2 hard boiled eggs
    06 168 0.6oz steak
    07 167 0.6oz steak
    08 167 beans, two hard boild eggs, 10 pieces of small size shrimps
    09 167 beans, shrimps
    10 168 Fast food chicken
    11 169 Rice Krispies Treats (x3 small serving), chicken, honey crackers
    12 169 two hotdogs, two sausages, chicken tenders, four slices of bread, Chinese fried rice
    13 171 soup (noodles), crackers
    14 170 0.6 oz steak, cheese and crackers
    15 169 0.6 oz steak, bread
    16 168 0.6 oz steak, crackers
    17 166 crackers
    18 166 two pieces of chicken (breast, leg)
    19 166 0.6 steak
    20 166 0.6 steak, spicy chicken bites, small bowl of white rice
    21 167 crackers
    22 166 tuna and pickles with crackers
    23 167 tuna and pickles with crackers
    24 178 cheese pizza
    25 168 steak 0.6 0z, buffalo chicken
    26 168 buffalo chicken
    27 168 Tinola
    28 166



  • Novice wrote on February 27, 2023 @ 23:38 Permalink


    “to put something off until the day after tomorrow.”


  • Novice wrote on February 27, 2023 @ 23:24 Permalink

    Printer not showing in Ubuntu 22.04 Firefox

    :~$ snap connections firefox

    Interface Plug Slot
    cups-control firefox:cups-control

    :~$ sudo snap connect firefox:cups-control
    :~$ snap connections firefox

    Interface Plug Slot
    cups-control firefox:cups-control :cups-control


  • Novice wrote on February 26, 2023 @ 19:50 Permalink

    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

    Disable guest account in Ubuntu Mate 22.04

    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/91-arctica-greeter-guest-session.conf

    change the following to false:


    Change the login screen background:
    Rename the original image and name the image to be the background image with the file name that of the original image. Seems the image has to have an PNG extension.
    Location: /usr/share/backgrounds/ubuntu-mate-jammy
    Name of login background image on my system: Jammy-Jellyfish_WP_4096x2304_Green.png


  • Novice wrote on February 8, 2023 @ 23:12 Permalink
    Tags: #employment   

    I applied for a position and got an interview. I hope I get an offer for the position! 🤞 Sounded like a very challenging position. But before I get exited, they stated that they have more candidates to interview. The last position I had an interview, they stated the same, I received an email stating they hired a more “experienced” candidate and who they thought would be a better fit for their team. 😢 But at least I got the experience of the interview and what I needed to work on for my skills. There were several questions that I could not answer with confidence. I do not fluff my answers. I am not the “fake it until you make it” type of person. I would rather get hired based on my honesty, than be hired based on falsehood. What you see is want you get. 😉 If I do not get hired, then I believe the decision is best for them and myself.

    I once worked at a medical facility and the supervisor had a picture with a quote on the wall, “For everything there is a time and a season.” I believe in that there is a reason for everything. ☺️

    As Steve Jobs said, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” There has been multiple times that I have looked back and was glad that things that I hope to have turned out did not, and I would have been in a place of hurt if things did turned out the way I hoped for them to turn out.

    I will update this post when I hear the results. 😉

    February 28, 2023
    I had a second interview. Seems to have gone well. I will know the results by Friday. 😬 🤞

    March 20, 2023
    I was offered the position and I accept!


  • Novice wrote on February 8, 2023 @ 21:24 Permalink

    Made some life altering changes in my… best choice I have done!


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