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Manuel’s log 1703365065

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

-Thomas Jefferson


Manuel’s log 1703172341

What am I doing today? A chapter of Python, and a chapter of JavaScript! Stick with my goal to be certified by the end of the year! Ten days left…

Manuel’s log 1703150764

There comes a time when I feel sick and tired of being sick and tired. What must I do to change my life that would fix the things that I am doing wrong? What are the mistakes that I do daily, that I must fix for my life to be better? I have to figure this out, otherwise, “nothing changes if nothing changes.” What actions or in actions must I do? What are the right things that I must do and what wrong that I must avoid? I guess these are the million questions of life, that I find the answers to as I travel in the journey of life.

The magic sauce of life
I must challenge myself daily to be one percent better. There is no other way, than to do. To get experience and make the necessary mistakes to become better and face the necessary challenges. This is the only way. I cannot gain muscles viewing videos, reading articles. I have to take action! There lies the magic sauce of life.


I am using the Pomodoro…

I am using the Pomodoro technique to do my studying. I use the default of four twenty-five minutes studying time, with three five minutes break in between the twenty-five minutes, and on the last twenty-five minutes, I take a fifteen minutes break. This works for me. I have read that the twenty-five minutes are too short for some people and they have adjusted the time to be fifty-minutes, basically doubling the time with the same breaks as I previously stated. There is no set rule for the Pomodoro, as long as you get to complete what is set out to be completed, the Pomodoro technique, I believe, is a good technique to use to focus on things that one needs focusing on and to complete.

There are all kinds of Pomodoro apps, Websites, and plugins for the Web browser. I am not affilicated to the following site, but found the Pomodoro site useful: https://pomofocus.io/

Read about the Pomodoro technique

YIKES!!! Slipped and have to…

YIKES!!! Slipped and have to dust myself off and get back to studying!

End of the year is upon me… I can do this. A least one certification completed this year (2023). I need this to prove to myself that I can do this!