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  • Novice wrote on January 14, 2022 @ 05:58 Permalink

    Deep thoughts on minimalizing… Many things in my life that take much of my time does not matter to me. I need to get rid of them, as I do not have much time.

  • Novice wrote on January 12, 2022 @ 00:13 Permalink

    Start today! No more delays.

  • Novice wrote on January 11, 2022 @ 19:35 Permalink

    In the last several weeks, several people that I known personally and not so personally has passed away, be that due to COVID or other causes (old age/disease), they are dead. Death is a reminder, that if you have dreams, goals or things that you want to do, do not delay, for one day death will be at your door and you will realize that you never left the house.

  • Novice wrote on January 10, 2022 @ 21:08 Permalink

    10 day in the new year and I have not made much progress. No better time than today! Momentum is a slow process!

  • Novice wrote on January 9, 2022 @ 17:35 Permalink

    I do not want to be a door man!

  • Novice wrote on January 8, 2022 @ 17:29 Permalink
    Tags: #chaos   



    noun: chaos
    plural noun: chaoses

    complete disorder and confusion.

    • Physics
      behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.
    • the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.
    • Greek Mythology
      the first created being, from which came the primeval deities Gaia, Tartarus, Erebus, and Nyx.
    • Origin

      Origin of chaos

      late 15th century (denoting a gaping void or chasm, later formless primordial matter): via French and Latin from Greek khaos ‘vast chasm, void’.

  • Novice wrote on January 8, 2022 @ 07:53 Permalink
    Tags: #sql,   

    Learning SQL, to be above mediocre.

    MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • Novice wrote on January 7, 2022 @ 22:57 Permalink

    I just watched two cartoon movies and really liked both! I seldom like cartoon movies, but these two were terrific!

    Sing and Sing 2. Thumbs up!!!

    Now back to work!

  • Novice wrote on January 7, 2022 @ 09:32 Permalink
    Tags: , ,   

    For my downtime I have been watching The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+, on the second episode of season one. I liked The Mandalorian and thought The Book of Boba Fett would be as good, is not! I hope episode three of The Book of Boba Fett will gain some momentum, else I will have to wait for season three of The Mandalorian, which is to be released this year (2022).

    The Book of Boba Fett episode one was eh… I thought maybe the creators were trying to build up the characters. Episode two, seems to be more of fluff (trying to consume time than quality), such as Boba Fett teaching the Tusken Raiders to jump from one speedster to another. Several minutes of this training, which I found dull and was not humorous, if that was the purpose. Then the skill was never used in the episode, unless that skill carried over to jump from the speeder to the train. Just does not seem that the show is thoroughly thought out and just been put together to get something out there… such as having an assassin be behind you as you drag them or in front to keep an eye on their every move, after all this is an assassin.

    One show that I really enjoyed was Haweye! I believe that was only a one season show. Each episode was very entertaining and left a cliff hanger for the next!

    What downtime I have I like to be entertained not dreading that I just wasted my downtime.

    Another real disappointment was The Matrix Resurrections (Matrix 4). I do not know if the lameness was due to the change in the cast or just because of the story, but a sure thumbs down (was not entertained) for me.

  • Novice wrote on January 7, 2022 @ 05:15 Permalink

    Build the skills and the skills will take care of me!

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