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  • Novice wrote on November 29, 2022 @ 06:11 Permalink
    Tags: #linux   

    ln -s [Source_Directory_Path] [Symbolic_Link_Destination_Path]

  • Novice wrote on November 26, 2022 @ 17:30 Permalink


    Dependency Error: Yikes! It looks like you don’t have kramdown-parser-gfm or one of its dependencies installed. In order to use Jekyll as currently configured, you’ll need to install this gem. The full error message from Ruby is: ‘cannot load such file — kramdown-parser-gfm’ If you run into trouble, you can find helpful resources at!
    Conversion error: Jekyll::Converters::Markdown encountered an error while converting ‘_posts/2022-11-26-welcome-to-jekyll.markdown’:

    Add gem “kramdown-parser-gfm” to the Gemfile and run bundle install.
    Run “bundle exec jekyll serve” to access the site.

  • Novice wrote on November 18, 2022 @ 23:18 Permalink

    Your comfort zone is a dangerous place. It prevents you from improving, it stops you from achieving all the things you are capable of achieving and it makes you miserable. So, make a decision today to change something in your life that you are unhappy with and start experiencing positive changes.

    Carl Pullein
  • Novice wrote on November 2, 2022 @ 01:59 Permalink
    Tags: #sidehustle   

    Excited in moving forward with my plans. I applied for a position and was not accepted. Reason, “We decided to move forward with a candidate the better matched out needs.” But I realized through the interview process I lacked many things that I thought I knew, but did not know. I enjoyed the experience. That made me realize, why depend on someone else for opportunities, why not learn what I am lacking and be independent and earn for myself, be an entrepreneur! So yes, I am excited!!!

    Just to add… I was a bit relieved to receive the news that I was not accepted, as I would have really felt as an imposter and would have been under a lot of stress to try and be up to par for the responsibilities of the position. I would rather be under stress for my own benefit. 😉

  • Novice wrote on October 31, 2022 @ 20:55 Permalink

    Trying to install Jekyll and having a difficult time rendering the site.

  • Novice wrote on October 18, 2022 @ 07:19 Permalink

    Men are tormented by the opinions they have of things, rather than by the things themselves.

    Stoic proverb
  • Novice wrote on October 17, 2022 @ 23:37 Permalink
    Tags: , ,   

    I cannot believe the clumsiness and the procrastination I have been doing. I am going frugal and dropping most of my things, digital and physical. I believe these things are holding me back from turning pro. I get overburdened sometimes and feel trapped and cannot move forward. I get so discouraged in doing anything, that I cannot even log my weight and instead sit and binge-watch nonsense to just keep my mind occupied that I do not have to think of life. I believe I feel this way due to the things I am holding on to in my life.

    CHANGE starts TODAY!

  • Novice wrote on September 19, 2022 @ 06:50 Permalink

    Current Git on my system is: 2.25.1 and require Git >= 2.8
    For Ubuntu, this PPA provides the latest stable upstream Git version
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install git

    git --version

    git version 2.37.3

    Configure Git and GitHub

    git config --global "Your Name"
    git config --global ""
    git config --global init.defaultBranch main
    git config --global color.ui auto
    git config --get
    git config --get

    Create a GitHub Account or Sign In

    Create an SSH Key
    Verify if an Ed25519 algorithm SSH key already installed
    ls ~/.ssh/
    If non exists:
    ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C
    Accept defaults
    Password recommended and not required.

    Link Your SSH Key with GitHub
    Log into GitHub and click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
    Click on Settings in the drop-down menu.
    Left-hand side, click SSH and GPG keys
    click the green button in the top right corner that says New SSH Key.

    Name your key
    Leave this window open while you do the next steps.
    Copy your public SSH key
    cat ~/.ssh/
    Highlight and copy the output, which starts with ssh-ed25519 and ends with your email address.
    Go back to GitHub in your browser window and paste the key you copied into the key field.
    Click Add SSH key.
    You’re done! You’ve successfully added your SSH key!

    Testing your key

  • Novice wrote on September 19, 2022 @ 06:18 Permalink

    Time to turn up the heat!

  • Novice wrote on September 9, 2022 @ 00:07 Permalink
    Tags: #infinite   



    adjective: infinite

    1. limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
      • very great in amount or degree.
      • Mathematics
        greater than any assignable quantity or countable number.
      • Mathematics
        (of a series) able to be continued indefinitely.
    2. Grammar
      another term for nonfinite.
    3. noun: infinite

      a space or quantity that is infinite.

      • God.
        noun: Infinite
        noun: the Infinite


      Source of the work infinite

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